Our Goal & Objectives

Goal:  To provide encouragement & empowerment to our youth who deal with the reality and "unsaid truth" of having a disabled sibling/family member.


  • Improve communication skills by encouraging candid and open dialogue among teenagers of diverse backgrounds dealing with a family member/sibling that has a disability.
  • Facilitate a nurturing transition from adolescence to adulthood through mentorship.
  • Provide educational opportunities through after-school tutoring, mentoring and educational workshops.
  • Encourage social and cultural awareness by providing opportunities to interact and socialize with people from different cultures, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds that deal with similar family dynamics.
  • Promote and encourage healthy lifestyles by teaching the our youth to focus on the mind, body, and spirit and providing them with various activities designed to engage them in sports, weight management, nutrition, and image development.
  • Promote volunteerism and community awareness by creating opportunities for our youth to partner with and coordinate activities with other non-profit organizations such as shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, and other community service entities.
  • Incentivize positive behavior and individual responsibility.
  • Promote self awareness and giving back to families whom suffer the similar changes with family dynamics by an annual family christmas sponsorship.


Million Dollars Raised is the goal 

This can be done by various partners of sponsorship, donations, along with participating in our annual fundraisers.



Years Serving communities

From Detroit Metro & all surrounding areas throughout Michigan.



families sponsored per year is the goal

This goal can be obtained by spreading the word and works of our organization, along with the communities support.